Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2013

The first revelation: GOLDUST release first two songs of Thirst

The long, long wait has finally come to an end: GOLDUST recently released the first two songs of their upcoming full-length Thirst. GOLDUST's third full-length is going to be released via us, Per Koro Records from Germany and State Of Mind Recordings from the US.

The band worte about Thirst on their Facebook:

"This is by far the most intimate record we've ever done. It was created during very confusing, difficult times for us, on personal and band-wise levels. Withstanding all these struggles, THIRST is without a doubt our most important output."

The release show of Thirst is going to take place in Bielefeld, October 20th. GOLDUST will be joined by the amazing bands Deathrite, Nightslug, Depravation, Dead In The Dirt and Unru.

There will be a pre-order; info about that will follow soon. For now, listen to Only Love Can Win and Dark Blood.