Montag, 11. März 2013

Upcoming: WITHERS - Lightmares 12"

Maybe you remember that we put out the debut 7" by WITHERS from Austria. There are some great news for all of you into their semi-chaotic metallic Hardcore assaults: LIFE AND DEATH RECORDS is going to release the upcoming WITHERS 12" entitled Lightmares in about two months. And if that fact alone wouldn't be awesome enough, we're working with two of our favourite labels for that release, ADAGIO 830 and PER KORO RECORDS. But enough of talking: Check out some of the new songs below and hype that shit. We'll provide you with info about pre-order etc. a.s.a.p.

Adagio 830
Per Koro Records

Only love can win,

Montag, 4. März 2013


It's happening again - DEATHRITE and GOLDUST are about to hit the road again in less than four weeks! There'll be shows happening with WITHERS (Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Vienna) and AXES (Sulzbach-Rosenberg), as well as with DEPRAVATION in Giessen and a lot of great bands like TRAINWRECK, LIGHT BEARER, BIRDS IN ROW or JUNGBLUTH in Darmstadt. You don't wanna miss that, do you?

Friday, 29/3 | Münster, Baracke
Saturday, 30/3 | Darmstadt, Angeschimmelt Youth Crew Fest, Oettinger Villa
Sunday, 31/3 | Giessen, AK44
Monday, 1/4 | Sulzbach-Rosenberg, JUZ Hängematte
Thursday, 2/4 | Wien (A), Shelter
Wednesday, 3/4 | Ostrava (CZ), Plan B Hardcore Café
Thursday, 4/4 | Prag (CZ), Café Na Pul Cesty
Friday, 5/4 | Leipzig, Kulturcafé
Saturday, 6/4 | tba

Oh and not to forget: AXES uploaded a new song to their bandcamp, check that out:

See you around!