Sonntag, 29. September 2013

GOLDUST - Thirst lp now available!

Finally, after over one year of writing, recording and producing, the third GOLDUST full-length titled Thirst is available! Get it from Per Koro Records here: There are still a few coloured ones left, but not too much – so be quick. People from the US might want to order the lp in a few weeks directly from State Of Mind Recordings.

Of course the band will have copies on their own as well, catch them live at one of these dates:

05.10.2013 Bastard Club | Osnabrück w/ Red Apollo, Mayak
20.10.2013 AJZ | Bielefeld "THIRST LP" release show w/ Deathrite, Nightslug, Dead In The Dirt, Depravation, Unru
07.11.2013 Scharni | Berlin w/ Thränenkind
08.11.2013 Juzi | Göttingen w/ Thränenkind
09.11.2013 Gängeviertel | Hamburg w/ Thränenkind
10.11.2013 Wohnwelt | Wunstorf w/ Thränenkind

Only love can win,

Donnerstag, 22. August 2013

Depravation review on Tight To The Nail

Just a short notice: One of the best Hardcore/Metal related online zines out there, TIGHT TO THE NAIL, recently published a truly amazing review of the DEPRAVATION LP. You should check it out here:

And short news about the GOLDUST lp: The test presses shall arrive in about two weeks. As soon as everything is settled the pre-order via Per Koro Records will commence.


Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2013

The first revelation: GOLDUST release first two songs of Thirst

The long, long wait has finally come to an end: GOLDUST recently released the first two songs of their upcoming full-length Thirst. GOLDUST's third full-length is going to be released via us, Per Koro Records from Germany and State Of Mind Recordings from the US.

The band worte about Thirst on their Facebook:

"This is by far the most intimate record we've ever done. It was created during very confusing, difficult times for us, on personal and band-wise levels. Withstanding all these struggles, THIRST is without a doubt our most important output."

The release show of Thirst is going to take place in Bielefeld, October 20th. GOLDUST will be joined by the amazing bands Deathrite, Nightslug, Depravation, Dead In The Dirt and Unru.

There will be a pre-order; info about that will follow soon. For now, listen to Only Love Can Win and Dark Blood.


Dienstag, 2. Juli 2013

DEPRAVATION pre-order up now + test press giveaway

You can pre-order the new DEPRAVATION full-length titled II: Maledictvm now at our store. The records will be shipped approx. at the end of July. There will be three different vinyl colors: 100x black, 100x dark transparent red-black marbled, 100x grey-black marbled. The whole pressing will be on 180g heavy vinyl.

Oh and the bestest thing is: We'll give away a test pressing of this record! What do you have to do to get it? Just pre-order the record – we'll add the test-press randomly to one of the pre-orders. Good luck!

Check out II: Maledictvm and prepare to be floored:

Welcome the filth,

Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013

Withers - Lightmares 12" up for pre-order

WITHERS' new record, a 12" titled Lightmares, is now up for pre-order through our store. The record shall be available by mid June, so you won't have to wait too long for it. Check

Both Per Koro Records and Adagio 830 have a pre-order running, too, so if you're about to order something from Per Koro or bisaufsmesser mailorder anyway you can get your copy there as well. Check out WITHERS' bandcamp for two of the new songs: Undoubtedly Lightmares shows WITHERS from its best side.

Besides the WITHERS 12" we're also about to co-release the new DEPRAVATION full-length II: Maledictvm with Dark Omen and Sälly Records. On CVLT Nation you can check out an exclusive stream of the song Filth. It's heavy. Stay tuned for an exact release date, the production of the record is in its final stage.


Montag, 11. März 2013

Upcoming: WITHERS - Lightmares 12"

Maybe you remember that we put out the debut 7" by WITHERS from Austria. There are some great news for all of you into their semi-chaotic metallic Hardcore assaults: LIFE AND DEATH RECORDS is going to release the upcoming WITHERS 12" entitled Lightmares in about two months. And if that fact alone wouldn't be awesome enough, we're working with two of our favourite labels for that release, ADAGIO 830 and PER KORO RECORDS. But enough of talking: Check out some of the new songs below and hype that shit. We'll provide you with info about pre-order etc. a.s.a.p.

Adagio 830
Per Koro Records

Only love can win,

Montag, 4. März 2013


It's happening again - DEATHRITE and GOLDUST are about to hit the road again in less than four weeks! There'll be shows happening with WITHERS (Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Vienna) and AXES (Sulzbach-Rosenberg), as well as with DEPRAVATION in Giessen and a lot of great bands like TRAINWRECK, LIGHT BEARER, BIRDS IN ROW or JUNGBLUTH in Darmstadt. You don't wanna miss that, do you?

Friday, 29/3 | Münster, Baracke
Saturday, 30/3 | Darmstadt, Angeschimmelt Youth Crew Fest, Oettinger Villa
Sunday, 31/3 | Giessen, AK44
Monday, 1/4 | Sulzbach-Rosenberg, JUZ Hängematte
Thursday, 2/4 | Wien (A), Shelter
Wednesday, 3/4 | Ostrava (CZ), Plan B Hardcore Café
Thursday, 4/4 | Prag (CZ), Café Na Pul Cesty
Friday, 5/4 | Leipzig, Kulturcafé
Saturday, 6/4 | tba

Oh and not to forget: AXES uploaded a new song to their bandcamp, check that out:

See you around!

Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013

Skinfather reviews, Withers and Axes on the road

So just a minor update for now, although we got some huge things in the pipeline, but more of those some other time. For now: check out these two really amazing reviews of the SKINFATHER Succession/Possession 7" on CVLT Nation and This Noise Is Ours, if those don't convince you to order this slap of vinyl we really don't know what else to do.

On another note both WITHERS and AXES are touring in March/April, so don't miss these two great bands. WITHERS will hit the road with MNMTS and play a few shows with AXES and DEATHRITE and GOLDUST as well, Life And Death family meeting, aight?!

25/03/13 - DE - Stuttgart, Juha West ‡
26/03/13 - DE - Köln, Aetherblissment ‡
27/03/13 - DE - Hamburg, Rote Flora ‡
28/03/13 - DE - Berlin, Tiefgrund ‡
29/03/13 - CZ - Prag, Café Na pul cesty ‡
30/03/13 - DE - Leipzig, Schuppen - Stö16 ‡
31/03/13 - DE - Kassel, Karoshi ‡
01/04/13 - DE - Sulzbach Rosenberg, Juz Hängematte ♥
02/04/13 - AT - Wien, Shelter ♥

♥ w/ Goldust, Deathrite (on April 1st also w/ Axes)

AXES will be touring just around the same time:
28/03/13 - DE - Berlin, Tiefengrund
29/03/13 - DE - Hamburg, Rote Flora
30/03/13 - DE - Bremen, Römer
31/03/13 - NL - Maastricht, Artspace Rondel
01/04/13 - DE - Sulzbach - Rosenberg, JUZ Hängematte
02/04/13 - HELP NEEDED

And we've heard the word that also DEATHRITE are teaming up with GOLDUST once again for a tour - update on this subject will follow.


Montag, 21. Januar 2013

Into the grave: SKINFATHER 7" pre-order

Since the Mayas failed miserably in foretelling the Apocalypse, we'll take care of that: The world as we know it will end when the new SKINFATHER 7", titled Succession/Possession, is going to drop via LIFE AND DEATH RECORDS. Expanding the Death Metal influences that were already present on their demo, Succession/Possession goes even a step further into that direction. If you wouldn't know better, you'd think that this EP was some lost gem from the glorious days of Swedish Death Metal, and not crafted in Southern California in late 2012. Therefore the excellent cover version of Unleashed's Execute Them All is the perfect closer of this three-song EP.

Succession/Possession has been recorded, mixed and mastered with/by Taylor Young, who also took care of bands like Nails, Twitching Tongues, Ruckus or Xibalba.

The first press of this 7" is limited to 300 pcs in total with 50 copies on green-black vinyl exclusively for pre-orders and 250 copies on black vinyl. There's also a nice pre-order package available, that delivers not only you to evil but also the 7" plus a shirt featuring the rad new SKINFATHER logo.

To pre-order the 7" or the whole package switch to and better start to flex you neck, because you're definetely not ready for the whiplash that will occur while banging your head to this slap of vinyl.

Like an ever flowing stream,