Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

Pre-order madness online now!

AGES - Sleep on it LP

This release took us... um, well... ages, but now the pre-order is up and it's going insanely fast, so if you'd like to save your copy of this highly energetic Hardcorepoppunk manifesto better be very quick about it!

The record's in the pressing plant right now and all pre-orders will be sent out by the end of October, probably even earlier.

This AGES 12" contains the 10 Sleep On It songs on side A plus three previously unreleased, new songs on side B. There will only be 300 made (100 clear blue, 200 black vinyl), also available are special packages of LP + shirt.

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IRON HEEL - Black Shovel tape

Furthermore you can pre-order a limited tape titled Black Shovel by Austria's low-frequenzy rock war machine IRON HEEL. If you like Stoner, Doom, Sludge and everything in between, dig Electric Wizard or Eyehategod and generally prefer your music low and slow, get this. A heavy, uncompromising, downtuned sonic mayhem.

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GOLDUST - Noir 7" (re-release)

And last but for damn sure not least we're very psyched to announce that we'll handle the re-release of the infamous Noir 7" by GOLDUST, initially put out in 2009 and hard to get for most of the time.

This re-release is limited to 100 copies on plain black vinyl with a slightly (!) different cover than the first press and is sold for only 3€ each copy. Get it while you can.

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