Montag, 12. November 2012

AGES lps being shipped

Thank you all for your patience, we have received the AGES record from the pressing plant and started to ship the orders today. Please remember, especially if you reside outside of Europe, allow the records a bit of time to arrive at their destination. Of course, all other orders are shipped as well.

Furthermore GOLDUST and WITHERS arrived back home more or less in one piece from their mutual tour three weeks ago. The trip was a very pleasant one and ought to be continued sometime in the future. We at LADR basically ran out of WITHERS' self-titled EP (we still have one 7" + shirt bundle left, anyone interested?) but both Enjoyment Records and the band still have copies left, so you might/should get it from there or order it from Per Koro Records.

But don't sleep on our available tunes: AXES, IRON HEEL, GOLDUST and AGES releases are all ready for instant purchasement at our store. And we'll have some new stuff coming in the not too distant future - keep your eyes peeled for this!

Yours truly,

Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

Pre-order madness online now!

AGES - Sleep on it LP

This release took us... um, well... ages, but now the pre-order is up and it's going insanely fast, so if you'd like to save your copy of this highly energetic Hardcorepoppunk manifesto better be very quick about it!

The record's in the pressing plant right now and all pre-orders will be sent out by the end of October, probably even earlier.

This AGES 12" contains the 10 Sleep On It songs on side A plus three previously unreleased, new songs on side B. There will only be 300 made (100 clear blue, 200 black vinyl), also available are special packages of LP + shirt.

Click here to switch to the AGES pre-order at our store

IRON HEEL - Black Shovel tape

Furthermore you can pre-order a limited tape titled Black Shovel by Austria's low-frequenzy rock war machine IRON HEEL. If you like Stoner, Doom, Sludge and everything in between, dig Electric Wizard or Eyehategod and generally prefer your music low and slow, get this. A heavy, uncompromising, downtuned sonic mayhem.

Click here to switch to the IRON HEEL pre-order at our store

GOLDUST - Noir 7" (re-release)

And last but for damn sure not least we're very psyched to announce that we'll handle the re-release of the infamous Noir 7" by GOLDUST, initially put out in 2009 and hard to get for most of the time.

This re-release is limited to 100 copies on plain black vinyl with a slightly (!) different cover than the first press and is sold for only 3€ each copy. Get it while you can.

Click here to switch to the GOLDUST pre-order at our store

So get you freak on and support these bands! For free streams and downloads of all our releases check out our bandcamp site:

Distros, mailorders etc: Please feel free to contact us for wholesale rates at

Love and rockets,

Mittwoch, 29. August 2012


The WITHERS 7"s arrived from the pressing plant and we got all contents of the artwork as well. All put together this thing looks really A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. We shipped the band's and Enjoyment Records' copies this week, too. Pre-orders are also sent out as you read this, pre-order packages will follow as soon as we get the shirts, which should be within the next few days. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who ordered something. In case you haven't saved your copy yet, go to our store to fulfill all your needs. And/or come to one of the shows of the GOLDUST/WITHERS tour in October.

Withers st EP

Furthermore we've heard that Cleveland's AGES finally have the mastered songs for the b-side of the Sleep On It 12" - let's keep our fingers crossed everything with these masters is ok so we can eventually start to get the songs to the pressing plant.

Scheduled next is a co-release with VIOLENT NEEDS RECORDS: the demo tape of IRON HEEL from Vienna. It'll come in a quite fancy packaging and contain three gut-wrenching, down-tempo Sludge/Stoner masterpieces. But more of that later.

Love and rockets,

Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

WITHERS 7" up for pre-order now!

We're excited to announce that you can pre-order WITHERS' selft titled debut 7" now!

There are shirt + 7" pre-order bundles as well, limited to only 20 units in total. 10 of these are available through Life And Death Records, the other 10 are available through the UK-based Enjoyment Records.

So: All sizes are only available in very limited quantities!

With their self-titled debut EP, WITHERS from Linz (Austria) are paying homage to heavy music’s abomination on the one and its gracefulness on the other hand. WITHERS’ musical expression is set out to shatter the listener with its colossal riffs, aggressive vocal outbursts and a frenzy of drum hits. In this manner they are evocative of bands like Converge, Cursed or Cave In, who have a similar approach of creating music in the grey area between chaotic Hardcore, Metal and Punk.

This is a co-release with Enjoyment Records from England. Limited to only 200 copies in total, the vinyl will be split between both labels and the band. All records will be pressed on clear vinyl and come in some very fancy packaging!

Distros, etc. - please feel free to contact us for wholesale rates: info[at]lifeanddeathrecords[dot]com

Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

Update: AXES shows, WITHERS record

AXES are going to play a bunch of killer shows in the near future, including one with Baroness in Berlin. Here are the exact dates:

5 Aug 2012 , Sun - Magnet Club / Berlin
w/ Baroness

18 Aug 2012 , Sat - tba / Chemnitz at HEY DAYS FEST
w/ tba

17 Nov 2012 , Sat - Malzhaus / Plauen at DEAF ROW FEST
w/ Hungry Lungs, Tephra, Alpinist, Planks, ◯(Kreis), Lentic Waters, Lara Korona

On another note, The Ripple Effect did a really exceptional review of AXES' self-titled 7". We're floored, thanks Heddbuzz!

WITHERS debut 7" is being pressed within the next four weeks, we've sent the songs to the plant this week. The pre-order is going to start soon, keep your eyes open for that.

Speaking of WITHERS, their first shows are going to happen on tour with GOLDUST; the very first show is going to take place in Vienna on October 11th. The booking is working well, the exact dates will be publicized soon.

Love and rockets,

Montag, 9. Juli 2012

GOLDUST and WITHERS on tour in October

We're happy to announce that we'll be involved in the GOLDUST & WITHERS tour that's going to happen from 11th to 20th October this year. If you're interested in setting up a show (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Netherlands...) please contact us at

Goldust and Withers tour 2012

Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

A bunch of AXES reviews

Monkey Defies Gravity shared some kind words about the AXES 7":

Born Again Nihilist did an awesome review of the AXES 7", be shure to check this out:

The German site did a very nice review as well: are featuring AXES in one of their latest "Quick Fixes":

And last but surely not least The Soda Shop are mentioning AXES' debut EP in their latest bandcamp recommendations:


Freitag, 1. Juni 2012

#004: AXES 7" available now

After some minor quarrels with the pressing plant, we're happy to announce that LAD #004, the AXES 7", is available now!

AXES was found 2009 in Rosswein (near Dresden), Germany. Deeply rooted in the cities vivid DIY-scene, the band combines the urge and unaltered attitude of Punk and Hardcore with the epic riffs and the stunning power of Stoner Rock and genres alike.

The 7" is limited to 314 copies and available in two versions: 66 on clear-black-marbled and 248 on plain black vinyl. Be sure to catch your marbled one in our special shirt+7"-bundle for only 12 Euros plus shipping. The EP alone is priced at 4 Euros. Everything awaits you in our web store:

New release: WITHERS - st 7"

We're very pleased to announce that we'll take part in the release of the debut 7" by Austria's WITHERS. If you like your Hardcore chaotic, metallic and heavy, that's your shit. Think of Converge bastardising Trap Them.

This is going to be a co-release with the English Enjoyment Records. Street date shall be around early September 2012.

PS: We're still waiting for the mastered songs for the upcoming AGES full-length. So this might still take a bit - please stay tuned.  

Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012

AGES shirts available now!

Wow... These sold out within less than 24 hours. Thank you.
There might be some reprints in different color ways for the
vinyl release of the AGES 'sleep on it' 12".

Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012

Two new records to be released during the first half of 2012:

LIFE AND DEATH #004: AXES - s/t 7"

LIFE AND DEATH #005: AGES - sleep on it 12"

More infos soon...